BBX Hardcore 90 Day Program

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Its effectiveness and efficiency are unparalleled!

In just 90 days you can transform your body and achieve maximum results in just one hour a day.


You will challenge every major muscle group in your body, you will work them in ways you never thought possible and you will get ripped!

The 90 day body transformation system contains 9 full body workouts that can be adapted as your fitness levels progress.   BBX Hardcore takes body weight training and endurance training to a whole new level helping you achieve maximum results without the use of equipment!  You will challenge every major muscle group in your body, you will work them in ways you never thought possible and you will get ripped!  Each routine brings on muscle shocking moves so you are able to use muscle confusion to continually push your body further and achieve real results in a short period of time.  Not only with you build lean muscle, you will also focus on balance, agility and functional training and your own body awareness will increase as a result of this workout.

There is no choreography to learn and no dance moves to master, just and old-school hardcore workout that will push your physical and mental limits and have you begging for more!

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What You Get:

Introduction DVD

Dede guides you through the program to help you get maximum results.

Dede demonstrates technique, execution and safety for each move for beginner through the most advanced fitness maniac!

Plus real life success stories and behind the scenes footage.

The BBX Hardcore 90 Day program includes
9 EXTREME workouts in all!

3 BBX Hardcore Workouts

(Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Each with one hour of high intensity interval training. An innovative and unique format combining sports endurance drills and body weight strength training, utilizing American, Hindu and Brazilian style workouts.

3 BBX Burn Workouts

(Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Burn fat with 30 minutes of challenging non-stop cardio madness that will keep pushing you to your ultimate limits!

3 BBX Body Workouts

(Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Super charge your workout and build lean muscle, increase flexibility and core stability achieving rapid and dramatic results!


  • A 90 Day nutritional guide with recipes

  • A 90 Day workout tracking calendar

  • Meal & Progress Trackers

  • Tape Measure

Note: DVDs are "NTSC and ALL Region".